Awoke one morning such a long time ago
Excited to be going to a place we all know
After downing our Weetabix and being blessed
Getting our clothes on quickly, ready and dressed

Across the fields, up the high rucks for the day
Behind Hag Fold with family and friends to play
We would go far through the trees and the woods
Sitting for a while by the lake known as the floods

Our mum used to work for the estate owner Lady Hulton
In a big house, halfway from us, on the way to Bolton
Fishing nets handy seeking out tadpoles and newts
Wading in the stream in our brown Dr Marten boots

Not far from the water, where the pit once sat
Cages surrounding the deep Pretoria mineshaft
Coming across a dumped rusty, metal bonnet
Seemed a good idea for some to jump on it

Gaining speed rapidly they soon disappeared
Could be dangerous I thought, I always feared
Was a bit wary of going down that hill
Jump on it Sue, enjoy it you really will

Laughing all the way down, clinging on, no pain
Sliding off in heap at the bottom, let’s do it again
Climbing back up on the slippery black grit and rubble
A long way dragging the bonnet, was a struggle

We did it many times, having good fun
It’s nearly four o’clock, we’d better run
Hurrying along or will be late for our tea
For hours and hours our parents we didn’t see

In those days kids were quite tough
Arriving home like urchins, dirty, looking rough

Childhood Memories