me/cfs awareness poem

What is this ME/CFS
Not easy to figure out I guess
With it’s symptoms plenty and wide-ranging
So many fit and active lives it is changing

Like a battery not fully charging and running out
Draining energy quickly, how did that come about
Cause is uncertain, may have been a virus
That came along one day but never left us

Not just a case of life being so tiring
Somehow, the brain starts misfiring
One minute being clever, another being dim
Too much sometimes for all to be taken in

So many things seeking out our attention
Leading to memory loss, lack of concentration
Noise, lights, sounds, all of these around
Bringing sensory overload and running aground

Fevers, pains, exhaustion, and even the chills
Knocking down those with strongest of wills
Doesn’t always follow rhythm or reason
Can hit anytime whatever the season

Being taught how not to boom and bust
Putting faith in all those that you trust
Living life slowly, unable to race
Day after day, pace by pace

From some, you hear the same old song
Got to keep going, but for us it is wrong
Needing to stop often and rest
Tasks once so easy, now a big test

With others, no longer in the same league
Hard to keep up with this chronic fatigue
Do too much and you can hit the floor
Having to learn that less can be more

ME/CFS Awareness