school activities memory poem

Trying to vault over a tall, wooden, brown horse
Several times a week, P.E was part of the course
Climbing up ropes, the hands they did burn
Wooden frames from floor to top, next my turn

Playing hockey and netball was more of my game
Wing Defence, my position, always the same
Running around in a dark navy, shorts skirt
Cold in the winter and the frostbite hurt

‘Come on girls, it’s not that bad’, the teacher would often say
With her earmuffs and trousers on, warm she intended to stay
Attempting to clear the jumps, long and high
With short legs wasn’t easy and led to a sigh

Throwing the javelin, it soared beneath the sky
Fell just short of the line, but was a very good try
Spinning around then releasing the black round shot
A fair distance it travelled, third place for that I got

In the holidays, in Switzerland, some got to ski
Only the Lake District mountains it was for me
Rucksacks on backs, climbing up hills in pouring rain
How I remember wishing there was a way back by train

In a basic youth hostel dormitory by Ambleside
Lights out by 10pm, next day going for a ride
Visited Wordsworth’s cottage, he wrote poems about hills
Wandered lonely as a cloud, and a dance with daffodils

Memories of school activities