the 2 sides of m.e poem

Wonder how I will feel today?
In my bed all day I may
Which side of me will it be
I lay here for a while to see

Maybe I can get out and about
Try a little later, without a doubt
Off with a friend I do go
Oh how little they do know

See me looking good and well
How long for, time will tell
Think I may just take a chance
On jumping up and having a dance

This is great, I feel quite good
Be like this all the time, I should
The music is loud but it doesn’t matter
Sit down now and have a natter

Suddenly my heads a whirl, had enough
Better get home or I’ll feel rough
Next day as I slowly awake
Don’t know what it’s going to take

To get me up and going again
This really is such a pain
This side of me no one can see
For hidden away some time I will be

Asking myself why did I do that
On my chair quietly, should have sat
Don’t regret as it made me happy
To be having fun like any other lassy

I have to try or I’ll never know
Just how far I am able to go
Time for self-care, relax a while
Little by little, breathe and smile

Never give up, just hope and pray
The good side of me will ever stay

The 2 sides of M.E