Waxwings bird


Waxwings birds

If you are interested in the local wild life and birds, you may be interested to know they’re here.
They are beautiful little birds with a crest on their head. You can find them in the Wigan area. They are attracted to the Rowen trees/the ones with the bright red berries. Happy hunting!

If anyone is still interested in choosing 12 good photographs landscapes ext. to make next year’s calendar please say and then we can start to put them on media for everyone to choose the best ones. It is best to stick to either a landscape or portrait view for consistency for a calendar.

Exciting News the Waxwing birds are here! and calendar info

One thought on “Exciting News the Waxwing birds are here! and calendar info

  • 27th November 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Hi Mary, put a few pics on to start with.. look forward to seeing others


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