Carl the Kangaroo

Carl the kangaroo liked bouncing
he liked to bounce as high as he could,
but one day he bumped his head
when he bounced higher than he should.

Carl forgot who and what he was
so he started looking around for clues,
everyone he saw big or small
he put himself into their shoes.

He saw a parrot flying high
it squawked loudly as it flew past,
but Carl just couldn’t leave the ground
even though he flapped his arms fast.

He saw a crocodile next to a pond
it growled as he moved himself near,
Carl decided he wasn’t a Croc
because he felt nothing else but fear.

He saw a big fat brown snake
it hissed loudly as it wriggled around,
Carl tried to do exactly the same
but he scratched his belly on the ground.

He saw a kangaroo bouncing
so Carl bounced as high as he could,
he bumped his head and remembered
he’d bounced higher than he should.