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The Purpose of the Group (Protocol)

To be suffering from CFS/ME and in the process of learning self-management.
To take responsibility for yourself and your learning hence gaining self-autonomy within the group.

Commitment: To work, respect and support each other to aid self-management and social intervention.

Motivational Empowerment Group
Inspire Self-responsibility Gain trust and understanding
Encouragement Learn and practice new skills Tolerance of others
Facilitate Creativity Share knowledge and ideas Acceptance of self and others
Reassurance Gain self-respect and self-worth communication with self and others

Group to promote:
Development of social and communication skills i.e. active listening, empathy, unconditional positive regard, congruence, and understanding.
Empowerment within individuals to be able to build trust and work together as a group.
For individuals to value their own thoughts and ideas and respect other group members in the process.
Learning new skills and practice them within the safe environment of the group.
The development of friendships and (work) colleagues.
Participation in sharing like-minded interests and projects.
Recognition of strengths and weaknesses enabling self-confidence and self-esteem to grow, challenging your own limitations safely.
Achieving the best you can and to be content with what you accomplish.
Working together and being able to compromise using the discussion to reach a positive outcome to suit all present.
The use of constructive criticism in a nonjudgmental way.
Acknowledge to be present is a contribution in itself and that should be respected by all.
The use of mood evaluation sheets/ self-efficacy scales to measure individuals progress and self-recognition.

SMART Goals:
Specific: have a goal/aim in mind with a view of the outcome.
Measurable: monitor your own progress and know limitations and what you are capable of.
Achievable: don’t overwhelm yourself, delegate and share the tasks.
Realistic: Be honest and truthful in what you can and can’t do but be prepared to try.
Time Scale: work within a timescale to define an outcome – start- middle and end, aim to finish the project within a timescale.

MEG (Protocol)