With respect for existing photos submitted, I feel to attract people to purchase a calendar, which would be beneficial to the group, photos of Lancashire and surrounding areas which where in Lancashire would be very welcome. The Calendar could be sold as ( The Real Lancashire ). Places like Blackpool, Tower and piers, Clitheroe, Castle. Lancaster, Castle. Lytham Windmill. Ashurst Beacon. Rivington Pike, &Bell Tower,Chinese Gardens & Hall Winter Hill Rufford with its Hall and Marinas.River Ribble at Preston Docklands. Marina & Housing at Plank Lane, Formally Britannia Hotel. Haigh Hall,&Windmill. Pennington Park & Flash. Astley Coal Mine. White Coppice, Cricket Ground and Cottages. Steam Engines at East Lancs Railway and Preston Docklands. To mention a few.

calendar pictures