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Hi. We have been offered a taster session in chair yoga by Jennifer Kerrisk.

You can check her Facebook page out: Jennifer Kerrisk Yoga & Wellness and website at
Jen specialises in restorative and chair yoga, both of which are perfect for ME/CFS sufferers.

If you have never tried anything like this please don’t be daunted, you don’t need any equipment or special clothing, just wear something comfortable. Perhaps you think you are too unwell to try it? You can always come along and if you find it too much you can just rest in your seat. Yoga is non-competitive and encourages you to listen to your body, which as we know is a skill we all need to learn.

You’ll be in a safe, judgment-free space to try something new, where we all understand our limitations, so it’s a pretty special opportunity.

If there are enough people interested we could potentially have regular sessions with Jen as part of our meetings. Hope to see you at 12pm on 31st July at Golborne Library.

Taster session of Chair Yoga at Golborne Library