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Chronic fatigue? The Motivational Empowering Group (July 2015)

We are a group of people who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. We all have engaged in clinical intervention with The Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust CFS/ME Service where this group was founded in July 2015.

We understand that CFS/ME cannot be cured – as yet but with gaining more knowledge and understanding about the condition we are more accepting of the management required to live the best we can with the condition.

Management means lots of self-discipline, change and adaption to accept that we cannot do all the things we once were able to do. This does not come easy and some days are much harder than others which may depend on what is going on in our lives at the time.  Learned self-awareness ensures that we listen to our bodies which will help to deter or prevent relapses in the future.

meg-logo-transparentMEG have been together for a year now and we have created a therapeutic environment where we communicate and share our strengths and look at the things we can and do achieve. We have the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances with people we may never have met due to our restrictions and social limitations.  This certainly helps us all to grow and nurtures self-confidence and trust because we all help to empower each other by just being a part of the group.

chronic fatigueThe purpose of MEG is to empower each other to look forward toward pastures new.

Enhance memory skills by communication with self and others, not being afraid to make mistakes or get things wrong with each other.

To be able to share feelings and emotions comfortably, without any threat of ridicule by others in the group.

Inspire creativity and imagination by giving and receiving positive feedback with the use of constructive criticism.

Gain self-responsibility and self-identity within a safe environment.

Learn new skills – achieve a finished result – ask for help if need be.

Be honest and respectful of self and others.

Practice the management strategies of CFS/ME within the group:CFS/ME awareness

  • Pacing
  • Relaxation
  • Graded Activity
  • Communication
  • Encourage each other to be mindful of the management techniques in everything the group does.
  • Promote fun and laughter – enjoy the experience and bring new ideas forward for development and growth to all concerned.
  • Accept yourself and be content with who you are and the differences in others.